48 Ways To Make More Money Starting Today

Spend less. Save more.

Blah, blah, blah.

In theory that’s awesome but in practice it is so damn limiting it’s no wonder that around 80% people are living in debt, and will probably retire on the measly aged pension after having spent the better part of forty years, maybe even fifty, working their butts off.

For what?

To then wake up one day and realise that they
(a) have no money: and
(b) have time but no energy to do anything at all.

There’s a limit to how much you can save. Once you start cutting out all the things that bring you comfort you’re left with the necessities that just can’t be cut.

So what the hell do you do?

You stop following the herd.

You earn more. You save more. You invest more.

make more money

Make more money. That’s the only certain way to get you to financial freedom faster.

Now you’re talking.

It’s not rocket science and I’m not the first one to yell it out. The theory has been going around for ages. The more you earn, the more you can save, and the more you can achieve.

Let’s say you earn an average of $5,000 a month or $60,000 per year.

You pay the tax man – $1,012
You have to pay rent – $1500
You have to pay bills – $300
You have to pay down debt – $400
You have a phone – $50
You pay for petrol – $150
You have to buy food – $500
You want to have cable – $50
You want to have internet – $50
You want to have a car – $400
You want to eat out – $250
You want to buy clothes – $150
You want to buy alcohol – $100
You want … – $88
You get the drift.

Before you know it there’s nothing left and you forgot to pay the most important man.


Sure you can start eliminating all the wants. Of course you don’t need cable or more clothes. You can cut out the eating out and less alcohol will mean better health.

But then what?

What happens when you want to save more? Achieve more?

Are you going to stop eating? Will you walk everywhere? Will you sleep on a park bench to save money in rent? You can’t stop paying tax.

The only option is to make more money.

I’m not frugal.

I don’t like penny-pinching. It drives me nuts when people argue over $3 on a dinner meal every fucking time.

I hate it.

I get we all want to save a buck but if you are worried about that $3 maybe you picked the wrong place to eat out.

I’m not rich either. Just putting it out there.

I’ve worked my butt off since I was able to get a job (fourteen and nine months here in Australia) and I continue to do so. I love working (I also love wine, vodka, travelling, running, triathlon, chocolate and spending money).

Lounging around on the couch drives me insane. Unless I’m having a moment and need to binge watch a season of something or other for the fifth time. Happens about twice a year.

There are many ways you can make more money to increase your savings potential and reach your goals faster.

Do you really want to be waiting till you’re old and grumpy after fifty years in the workforce with only a mediocre pension to show for it?

No, me neither.

I want to make more money today. Don’t you?

Here are just a few ways that you can start bringing in extra bacon.

48 Ways To Bring In  Extra Cash Throughout The Year

1 – Ask for a pay rise

This is often the simplest and most overlooked option.

Why do we not value ourselves enough to ask for what we think we’re worth?

Is it that hard to get the boss in for a review after several years of loyal service and ask for a bit more money (or a lot more depending on the value you provide)?

How much difference would 20%, 10% or even 5% make to your bottom line?

If you’re on $60K per year, an extra 10% is an extra $6k in your pocket (before taxes).

Here a little caveat though, if you do get the pay rise you need straight away automate it to your savings or your debt repayments so it isn’t wasted on trivial items that you don’t really need. A pay rise is not an excuse for a lifestyle upgrade.

2 – Moonlight

Moonlighting that you used to be the term for having second job in the evening hours. You can still do that, especially if you’re young and don’t have any children. Make the most of the time to earn and save as much as you can so that when lifelong commitments start you have the freedom to choose.

Choice is a wonderful thing. It brings happiness to most souls.

Even if you do have kids you can figure out how to fit a second job into your routine. It might mean asking a family member or friend to assist or paying your neighbours teenager to babysit – do kids still work these days? Does anyone remember the Babysitters Club? Ok, no. Ok. I must be getting old.

3 – Start a blog

Everyone wants to start a blog these days. And you can too.

Like today.

In the next thirty minutes if you so wish.

The thing is a blog is not going to start making you money overnight. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s hard fucking yacker (Aussie slang for hard work, sweat & tears in case you’re interested).

I’ve started about five blogs in the last ten years. I’ve learnt something from each one.

Have I earned money from them? A few sponsored posts here and there. A few dollars from Adsense. A couple freelancing gigs.

Blogging is great if you have the time and you have something to say. But it takes time and commitment. So unless you’re willing to commit a solid 6-12 months to your blog before you start seeing a few dollars here and there then it’s probably not one for you. If time is on your side then give it a go.

Even if you don’t earn a squillion, it’s still fun to share your thoughts with the world and meet talented and interesting people from around the world. You might even make some new online friends!

But if you do want to start a blog and change your life, I recommend the following:

Bluehost – for your hosting. I’ve been using them for a few years and have found their service to be awesome. They’re quick to respond to any queries and so easy to use.

Use WordPress.org as your platform.

Angie Makes or Studio Press for themes. From feminine to dark, fun or business – you’ll find a theme that works for you.

Two of the best blogging books I’ve read on how to start a blog and set it up as a business so you can start earning money from day one are:

How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup (2014-07-19)


4 – Get selling

You know the spin, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

You can pretty much sell anything these days. Even Britney Spear’s chewed gum got sold on ebay once upon a time. Although I’ve got no clue how someone managed to prove that it was actually hers. I guess people are pretty gullible (and with questionable taste).

You can sell old books, clothes, even shoes. Furniture, glassware, crafts, old toys and CD’s (i think people still buy these, don’t they?).

Try ebay, Craiglist, Gumtree or the equivalent in your local area.

Before throwing anything out, ask yourself if there might be someone interested in buying it. You might be surprised how much money you’ll be able to make.

If you do choose to sell some of your things make sure to set a reasonable price that is good for you but not ripping anyone off either.

5 – Start a business

If you’ve always wanted to work for yourself and you have a skill or idea that the world will pay for then take the plunge and start a business in your spare time.

I say spare time very loosely, it has a different definition for every person.

6 – You can walk dogs at the weekend

7 – Try bridal make-up

8 – Babysit your neighbours kids

9 – Be a handyman by the hour

10 – Write copy for businesses

11 – Give people dating advice

12 – Organise some local events

13 –  Plan a wedding or become a part-time celebrant

14 – Make jewellery or cakes and sell them at your local markets

Whatever tickles you fancy. Just make sure you check whether your state/country has any regulation requirements for what you’re planning to do.

Don’t want to be getting into trouble that will cost you cash rather than make you cash, but don’t let the hurdles stop you either.

15 – Shop around for the best deals

I think we often underestimate how much money we can save by taking the time to make a few phone calls, shopping around and negotiating on price.

Insurance – whether it’d be life, home and contents or health insurance – it’s not all created equal.

Do your research and seek the best deal.

Call the electrical company. Can they give you a better price? No? Find a competitor that will.

Figure out what you need and find a product/deal that suits your purposes. The same goes for your phone bill, internet connection and even pay TV if you’re still indulging in it.

Save $10 a month on each of your insurance policies, phone bill and electricity account and you’ll be surprised you can keep over a $1000 in your pocket.

What’s an extra $1000 per year mean to you? How much more freedom will that give you?

16 – Get Ubering

If you have a car it can now be used to drive people around. While I haven’t done this one, it is something my husband will be starting shortly.

These days I will only get an Uber if I need transportation. Why Uber?

I like that there’s no physical money exchanging hands.
I like that drivers (and passengers) are rated on their performance.
I like that there’s water and mints always on offer.
I like that my journey is tracked via GPS on their phone and mine.
I like that it’s sometimes up to 50% cheaper (and more pleasant) than catching a taxi.
I like that so far, all the drivers have been really nice.

Each time I catch an Uber I ask them their thoughts on the service. All of them have had only good things to say. The only downside is the growing amount of people earning extra cash by Ubering.

Competition is healthy. And you can still make money.

Whilst one guy told me that for the same amount of hours he’d bring home around $1500 a week, those same hours now brought him in around $1000.

That’s still no short change.

In Australia, the average hourly rate for an Uber driver is between $20-$30.

Do you have 10 hours to spare throughout the week to bring in an extra $200-$300 or $10,000 – $15,000 per year?

What difference would that make to your bottom line?

17 – Offer your gardening services in your street/block

Enjoy being outside and mowing lawns or digging out weeds? Well, not everyone does. There are jobs that people either really hate or don’t have time for so they are happy to outsource.

If you want to earn a few extra dollars and are happy to assist your neighbourhood.

From gardening to scrubbing bathrooms to washing windows or even taking the neighbours dog for a run. Depending on where you live on what you don’t mind doing there are lots of ways you could be earning extra cash each week.

18 – Write a book (or ten)

Ever dreams of being a famous author?

Me too. Like all the time.

Ok, I don’t need to be famous. But I definitely want to be successful.

Like I want people buying and reading my books.

I sold 100 books last year. Gave away over 1500.

Not too bad for someone who did zero marketing.

But there are many people in both hemispheres, north and south, making a shitload of money writing books. I’m talking ebooks here. Some are standard sized novels, others are short novellas, or even short stories of around 10,000 words.

They’re writing books and they are marketing them.

Did you know Fifty Shades started out as a self-published fan fiction book? Now it’s been made in to Hollywood blockbusters (ok a bit of a stretch here), and has provided the author with a bank balance that she will never, ever have to worry about.

Ok, so the chances of us mere mortals hitting the charts like that is more or less not going to happen.

But that’s not the only way to make a buck from books.

With Kindle direct publishing. Anyone can write and publish a book. It’s only going to cost you your time, editing (get it edited!), and cover design.

But it can also make you a lot of money. Or enough to cover the mortgage, or sometimes just a night out with your loved ones.

Here are a few authors making a mint from writing books that you might have never heard of.

The Creative Penn/J.F. Penn
Mark Dawson
Russell Blake

Unless you love writing and are willing to wait it out before you make some money then I wouldn’t recommend taking this road. But if you’ve always wanted to write a book – be it fiction or non-fiction, you should go for it.

What have you got to lose?

19 – Teach

Is there anything that you are a good at that others would love to learn and pay for?

It might be as simple as teaching English to foreigners in your town. There’s an easy $10-$30 per hour depending on your market.

Did you excel at Maths or Chemistry?

Maybe you can tutor high school kids studying for their LSATs or HSCs or just their end of year exam.

Would you consider yourself a musical talent?

There are people around who would love to learn a musical instrument or how to sing a tune. I know I would. Learning to play a couple of songs on the piano is sitting on my bucket list. It will get done one day. I just need to screen out some time for it.

20 – Sign up as an extra

If you’ve ever had a desire to be on television why not signing up as an extra for films, commercials or television shows?

21 – Do crossword puzzles and send them in

There’s no guarantee you’ll win the prize but there’s books like Women’s Weekly Puzzles that have items and cash on offer.

Another upside is that you get to work your brain.

I find crosswords and the like relaxing from time to time. While I haven’t won anything yet (probably because I forget to send it in), I’m sure that one day I will.

22 – Complete surveys

23 – Bake and sell at the markets

24 – Create products to sell on Etsy (creative, downloads or physical).

People will pay for almost anything. You don’t even have to offer physical products. You can make money by designing trendy invites/placemats/stationery/etc in PDF format and sell it to folks who are either (a) less creative, or (b) don’t have time to be creative.

25 – Decorate houses

If you have a creative flair, love design and know how to colour coordinate, people will pay you to style their homes and businesses.

26 – Take portraits or family photos

27 – Become a personal trainer

28 – Make coffee at your popular local

29 – Offer advertising space on your car for local businesses

30 – Write for content mills

Quick and easy but wouldn’t recommend it for long-term.

31 – Sign up on Freelancer

32 – Sign up for Upwork

33 – Advertise on Craiglist for work

34 – Check out Airtasker

People will pay others to do crazy shit.

35 – Play online poker

Ok, I wouldn’t recommend this one really unless you’re a pro and know what you’re doing. Probably best not to.

36 – Get into Forex trading

37 – Become a virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant you can work from the comfort of your own home and help business, large and small, around the world. There are VA’s earning anywhere from $10 to $100 per hour.

How much difference would that make to your bottom line? How much quicker could you pay of your debt? Go on that holiday? Reach financial freedom?

If you need help in becoming a Virtual Assistant, check out Horkey Handbook for their 30 Days or Less To Virtual Assistance Success today!

38 – Be a delivery person

39 – Sign up for mystery shopping

40 – Rent out a room in your house

41 – Have a yard sale/garage sale

42 – Sign up for focus groups

43 – Review websites

44 – Source property for busy investors

45 – Busk

46 – Deliver the newspaper/leaflets

47 – Write articles/blog posts

48 – Become a freelance writer

If you enjoy writing and like research, freelance writing might be a great way for you to earn extra income.

Magazines, both online and print, require content and often they reach out to freelance writers. You can make as little as $10 per article and as much as $1000 or more.

Check out 30 Days or Less To Freelance Writing Success and become a freelance writer today!

What are you doing to make extra cash? Want to share? I’m opening up opportunities for guest posts for different ways people are earning money and finding success. Shoot me an email if you’re interested!

  • This post contains affiliate links. I only recommend products I would use myself. 

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