62 Boredom Busters When You Don’t Want To Spend Any Money

Did you know that boredom can lead to overspending?

Yeah, I know. I was surprised too.

It’s easy to head out to the shops for a boredom quick fix but it’s not doing any favours for your wallet or your savings balance. A shopping spree, a lunch date, an afternoon movie. They all cost money.

boredom busters

There are other fixes though. Here’s a quick list to keep you busy whenever you feel a little bit bored with your own company.


  1. Read a book.
  2. Don’t own a book? OMG, who are you? Head to your local library and pick one up from the shelf and start reading.
  3. Clean house. A clean space, whether it is a home, bedroom, workplace or car is conducive to good health, productivity, and feelings of happiness. You might find stuff you can sell so your junk might be someone else’s treasure chest!
  4. Go for walk in the fresh air. Walking is good for your health and chances are, you’re not doing enough of it. Bored, go and try hit 10,000 steps. You’ll kill an hour or so and feel all the better for it.
  5. Start running. Running is awesome, but I’m biased ’cause I’m a runner. Never run a day in your life? Don’t fret. Start small. Go for your walk and try to run between light poles. That’s about 20-50m depending on where you live. Do it a few times and repeat every other day, adding to the distance each time. You’ll be a runner in no time and never bored again.
  6. Put on some music and start dancing. Chances are you’re probably sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. That’s not going to cure your boredom. Music will, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Put on your favourite tunes, close the shutters (or leave them open if you want an audience), and start the disco on your living room dance floor like you’re an extra on Dancing With The Stars.
  7. Bake a cake.
  8. Create a recipe. If you’re one of those people has to follow recipes and rules by the book then why not live a little and create your own. Mix ingredients together that you wouldn’t normally mix. See what you come up with. Start small, you don’t want to be wasteful. But it could be fun to see what you’re capable of in the kitchen. MasterChef in the making, maybe?
  9. Start writing a book. Yep, being an author is easy these days. Making shit up for a living and getting paid for it has to be lots of fun.

  10. Play with your kids. I’m not sure how parents can be bored though, with all the cooking, cleaning, ironing, making lunches, school pick-ups, weekend sports, breakfast complaints, and rarely having a moment to sit down to a glass of wine. Who am I kidding? I have a toddler and I always make time for a wine.
  11. Read some silly blog posts. Like this one. It’s either keeping you entertained, annoying the hell out of you, or giving you something to relate to. Either way, you’re forgetting about your boredom for approximately 2.5 minutes.
  12. Listening to some motivational podcasts. They’ll give you a kick in the backside and make you realise that successful people don’t get bored. They get shit done.
  13. Call an old friend, somewhere dear to your heart, or a family member you haven’t spoken to in awhile. They’ll be glad to hear from you and it will give you an opportunity to reconnect and cure your boredom.

  14. Spend the afternoon watching a marathon session of your favourite tv shows. Only last night I sat up till 3 am watching The Originals while the rest of the household slept. Sure getting up at 7 am wasn’t the best but when you have a toddler you don’t really get a choice in the matter.
  15. Start a journal. Journalling is conducive to good health, you can psychoanalyse yourself and figure out the root of your boredom.
  16. Have sex with your significant other. Who cares if it’s the middle of the day if you’re alone in a private place and feeling a bit horny. Remember protection.
  17. Do a wardrobe purge. Unless you do one every other season at the very least then you’re probably overdue for one. Enjoy an afternoon eradicating your closet of worn out shirts, washed out pants, socks with holes in them, and underwear that should have been disposed of six months ago.
  18. Give yourself a financial health check. Sort through your accounts, bills, investments. Figure out how much you’re spending vs saving. Are your retirement accounts in order? Have you automated your savings? Are you being wasteful with your groceries?

  19. Which brings us to the next boredom buster…clean out your fridge. Is there lettuce rotting at the back? Used by yoghurt that will make you cringe? Leftovers from last month that even the dog won’t touch? We’ve all been there at some point. Get cleaning, matey!
  20. Plan a holiday. OMG, I love going to travel sites and planning my dream holiday. The other week I started thinking about how much I’d love to do a road trip across Italy which turned into a road trip across Europe. Sounds extravagant but it’s actually so so doable…except I have a mortgage, and a kiddo starting school next year. But it was fun dreaming it up and you know what, it might just happen in a few years. Remember, planning is FREE so you can be as outrageous as you want to be…like hiring an Aston Martin and pretending to be James Bond as you drive from London, through the South of France, with a weekend in Monte Carlo, before heading off to the Swiss Alps and finishing off with a dip in the see off the Amalfi Coast.

  21. Go outside and take some photos.
  22. Play tourist in your local area. There’s sure to be plenty. I always want to travel far and wide and often forget about the cool spots within the thirty-kilometre radius of my own home. Botanical gardens, parks, beaches, bush walks, museums. Ok so maybe not too many museums but there’s definitely a lot of spots to get acquainted with nature.
  23. Start learning another language. Being bilingual is great. Knowing three or more languages is even better. I wish I could speak more than two languages. I did try learning Spanish, German and Chinese on my own accord and back at school in like the 1990s, I had six years of compulsory Italian and a year of Japanse. Oh, I wish I had paid more attention. But it’s never too late to start learning. While you won’t be fluent in three months, you might be able to know the basics of introducing yourself, ordering food at a cafe, asking about your friends’ wellbeing. You might even get an opportunity to meet people online from around the world if you communicate via forums or Skype to practice your language learning.
  24. Learn something new. Anything at all. Think of ten things that you’d love to learn that don’t require you to spend money. Start learning one like right now. Go, do it. What did you pick? Share in the comments.

    boredom buster tips

  25. Start a blog. It’s free. Choose a topic that is of interest to you. Or maybe challenge yourself to start blogging on an obscure topic. Don’t censor yourself. Have fun with it. Write what you think. Share it with the world. Just remember to be nice, there are too many nasty derelicts out there as it is. Always choose kind and remember choosing kind doesn’t mean letting others walk all over you. It just means your emotionally mature to handle the bullshit.
  26. Are you in love with makeup? Give yourself a makeover. If you normally stick to neutrals try out some bold colours. Take pics of what you like for future reference. Be daring. Be fun. I love love love red lipstick but I rarely wear it. So sometimes when I’m doing work at home, I chuck it on and it feels so so good.
  27. Play board games or video games with your family or friends. I scored an old-school Nintendo with the original Super Mario Kart,  Super Mario Brothers and Street Fighter games. OMG so much fun when I feel like wasting time.
  28. Create a scrapbook of all the people and things you love.
  29. Create a scrapbook of all the people and things you want your future to be filled with.
  30. Stuck in a dead-end job? Spruce up your CV/resume and start applying for jobs that you will love.

  31. Need a new skill? The internet is full of free courses especially in writing, blogging, online business and much more. Or you can pick one of those Idiot Guides to Whatever you’re interested in learning.
  32. Write out a bucket list of at least a hundred things that you want to do in the next ten years. Then pick up 3-5 that you could easily do this year. Put them on your calendar. Create a plan for 2-3 that you could accomplish in the next two years.
  33. Write a list of a hundred things that make you happy. Do it in one sitting. Keep the list in a place that you can refer back to when you’re feeling down.
  34. Teach your child a new skill. The ABCs, writing their name, putting together jigsaw puzzles if they’re a toddler. Getting them to make their own biscuits if they’re a little older – under your supervision of course. Maybe sewing buttons, changing a flat tire, or creating a life plan for the older ones…yep, I’m stretching here. 
  35. Rearrange your bookshelf in alphabetical order. No physical books, try doing it on your Kindle.
  36. Write a letter to a friend. Like a real letter using pen and paper like we used to back in the day. Letters used to be awesome. Now we just send texts with barely readable acronyms and emojis. OMFG, I fear for the future generations.
  37. Volunteer your time at a homeless shelter, food truck, salvation store, or at your local hospital or RSPCA. You’ll be lending a helping hand, appreciating all that you’ve got and no longer suffering from ‘i’m bored’ syndrome.
  38. Have a nap. Sometimes you’re bored or restless because you need to recharge your batteries. Lie back, put your feet up if you must, close your eyes and drift off for twenty minutes or an hour.
  39. Polish your silver. You know how grandma used to do. Toothpaste and a clean rug should do the trick.
  40. Create a recipe book of all your favourite recipes from the dozens of cooking magazines piled high in your kitchen. Dispose of the rest in the recycling bin.
  41. Take your dog for a walk.
  42. Learn to knit. Or crochet. It’s a dying art.
  43. Set some goals for the next week, month, quarter, year. Make an action plan to start achieving them. The goals should be realistic and apply to the things that you want to accomplish in your life. Even if it means getting through all the seasons of Son of Anarchy, watching every James Bond film, or getting through the top 100 books on Amazon. 

  44. Do a crossword.
  45. Add some colour to your life with a colour-in book and some textas, crayons or lovely pencils.
  46. Play Solitaire. Or Sudoku. Or don’t. It’s addictive and so easy to waste hours on.
  47. Figure out how to complete the Rubiks Cube. Go on, I dare you.
  48. Search your house for all the spare coins you can find. Then start a piggy bank out of an old jar.
  49. Stick a picture on that piggy bank jar it with something you can save for.
  50. Clean up the pictures on your phone into categories.
  51. Back up all your electronics. I’m a shocker with this. My Mac told me today it’s been 49 days since my last back up. I know, I know. One day I’m going to regret it.
  52. Wash your windows. How often do you really wash them? Once a month, twice a year. Before your mother in law comes to visit?
  53. Spend ten to twenty minutes doing this workout:
    boredom buster workout
  54. Give yourself a facial. You don’t need fancy creams. Yoghurt, banana, and honey are great, they taste good too. Fruit peels like kiwi or mango or rockmelon work, as do vegetables like cucumber. Check online for the best natural facials you can give yourself using the ingredients in your fridge.
  55. Go and build a sandcastle at the beach.
  56. Learn to invest. The ASX or Australian Stock Exchange lets you invest with pretend money. It’ll give you a chance to test your skills, have some fun and even be in a chance to win some cash. It’s all virtual but definitely worth a go if you’re hesitant about investing in the sharemarket.

  57. Invite a friend to come over for coffee and a chat.
  58. Check out Airtasker to see if anyone needs your expertise. Who would have thought your boredom could lead to money making?
  59. Meal plan for the week ahead. Use all the leftovers and cook up a storm, then freeze it in containers for the week or two ahead.
  60. Create Pinterest boards in different categories. Recipes you want to try, outfits you want for work, exercises that will give you a butt lift, destinations you want to explore, crazy tatts you want to get in places no one will see, your obsession with all things puppies, obscure words you’ll never use in conversation. Pinterest has it all.

  61. Do a jigsaw puzzle. Like a really really big one. Five thousand pieces. Go on, you know you want to.
  62. Write a list of all the things you could when you’re feeling bored. LOL. Cut them up, put them in a jar and pick one out when you’re feeling the boredom bus come by.

Do you have any tips for busting the boredom blues?

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