The Bucket List: Do You Have One? Need One? Want One?

I love bucket lists. They remind me of all the cool and crazy things I want to do, places I want to visit and experiences I wish to have.

My bucket is a never ending one. I cross off a few things, then I add more to the list. It’s an evolving list that I doubt will ever be completed.

Crossing every item off isn’t the point though (although I wouldn’t complain).

The bucket list keeps things interesting.

It stops me from getting into a rut.

A bucket list ensures that I get out of my comfort zone.

It reminds me that there’s more to life than just living groundhog day.

I also love reading other people’s bucket lists. They give me an insight into what people enjoy doing and the possibilities available out there.

Do you have a bucket list? Please leave a link in the comments. I’d love to read about it.

I have a bucket list that is separate to my annual goals. But every now and again I flick to it and am pleasantly surprised when I can tick a few items off.

It gives me comfort that occasionally I’m living with purpose and fulfilling some of my crazy dreams rather than just suffering the rat race.

A bucket list can provide more value in your life by allowing you to focus on some of the things that we often don’t have time for. Maybe it’s taking your parents or grandparents on a holiday, climbing Mt Everest, volunteering for a charity that’s dear to your heart, or learning a second (or third) language so that you can spend twelve months living in a foreign country, or even running a marathon in each state or learning how to cook a French feast, or spending a weekend at a day spa.
I turned 34 a few days ago. Hard to believe actually. I don’t feel a day over 27.

Each year before my birthday I think about all the things I’ve done, could have done, and want to do. This year, I’m reassessing my bucket list.

Here’s a condensed version with 102 items on my bucket list that I’d love to experience in the next decade or two. Now this isn’t conclusive, I’ll be adding and removing items as the years pass. Priorities change so it’s only fair that the bucket list changes too.

So here goes:


1. Spend 12 months travelling around Europe by car/train.
2. Live in Italy for 3 months and learn to speak Italian.

Come stai? Bueno, grazie. Quanto questa, per favore?

3. Live in Spain for 3 months and learn to speak Spanish.
4. Complete an Ironman triathlon in Poland, Spain, Italy and Germany
5. Run the Paris, Rome, Warsaw, Krakow, Berlin and London marathons
6. Volunteer for a charity on a regular basis
7. Complete an Ironman in New Zealand
8. Complete the 70.3 Ironman in Australia, Canada, Europe & the US in under 5:30 hours.
9. Run a marathon in under 3:59 hours
10. Pay off my mortgage in full
11. Own three investment properties
12. Earn a full-time living from my books
13. Have published at least 30 books (currently 3)
14. Visit Japan during cherry blossom season…then climb Mt Fuji
15. Run a marathon/half marathon in each state of Australia
16. Spend a weekend at all the top winery regions in Australia
17. Learn how to play golf
18. Learn how to play a good game of tennis
19. Finish another degree
20. Create a passive income stream so working full-time is a choice not a necessity
21. Give away over a million dollars throughout my lifetime
22. Each year learn to do something new (this year, I’m getting into rock climbing!)
23. Take a road trip through Canada
24. Take a road trip through USA
25. Create a blog/website that helps you live a better/freer/more enjoyable life
26. Fly business class from Australia to Europe return
27. Take my son to the North Pole to meet ‘Santa’…and visit Legoland in Denmark
28. Have a six-figure share portfolio
29. Join a triathlon club/masters swimming club
30. Have zero debt (no credit cards/mortgage/personal loans)
31. Be in a position to help people around me at any time
32. Have a book in the top 10 category on Amazon/Kobo
33. Sell 1,000,000 books (stretch goal but completely doable, right?)
34. Throw a perfectly themed dinner party for 10 (Italian, Thai, French, etc)
35. Visit a stylist for a make over
36. Declutter and learn to live with less
37. Do yoga for 365 days in a row
38. Travel the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin
39. Spend a week at a writer’s/health retreat
40. Be grateful for every single day
41. Go to a cooking school in Italy
42. Take a walk across England
43. Create my perfect summer/winter capsule wardrobe
44. Go to a yoga/triathlon retreat
45. Go skydiving
46. try White water rafting
47. Skiing in the Swiss Alps
48. Sail around the Mediterranean
49. Do a winery tour in Italy, France and Spain (and every wine region in Europe)
50. Eat a New York Hot Dog
51. Run through Central Park

52. Visit New York during Christmas
53. Spend Christmas in the Swiss Alps
54. See the Northern Lights
55. Swim with dolphins, sharks and turtles
56. Go deep-sea fishing
57. Go whale watching
58. Go on a camping holiday
59. Have a book I write optioned for a movie
60. Teach my son that he can do and be anything he desires
61. home-school my son for a year as we travel
62. Make an income from blogging
63. Be published in a popular magazine (print and online)
64. Learn to play the piano
65. Learn to sing at least one song to tune
66. Teach a gym class
67. Paint on a canvas
68. Learn to salsa
69. Take my closest girlfriends on a weekend away
70. Go on a cruise around the world
71. Fly first class
72. Go back to Hawaii and visit all the islands
73. Gamble in Macau
74. Feel successful
75. Do a good deed every day for a year
76. Finish building our house
77. Write a non-fiction book
78. Sleep in an igloo
79. Visit Iceland and stay in the ice hotel
80. Attend Oktoberfest
81. Go indoor skydiving
82. Get my boat license
83. Drive around New Zealand
84. Learn to snow board
85. Do a self drive tour around Tasmania
86. Stay in a castle
87. Visit Transylvania
88. Swim with the pigs in the Bahamas
89. Do a cruise around Alaska…and go dog sledding
90. Spend two weeks writing in Paris
91. Holiday in Nice
92. Hire an Aston Martin, drive through europe via Monte Carlo and a game of poker
93. Take acting classes
94. Try Bikram and aerial yoga
95. Go on a holiday to the Maldives, Bora Bora and Mauritius
96. Do 20 unassisted pull ups
97. Learn to take beautiful photos
98. Learn to fly a plane
99. Pick a place and just go for a day or weekend
100. Travel with just a carry on for a week or more
101. Learn a form of martial arts
102. Throw a dress up/Halloween party

Looking at the list it’s clear to see the things that are important to me. Travel, health & fitness, writing, and personal finance.

Have you considered the items on your bucket list? Can you narrow them down to three or four main themes?

A bucket list can give you an idea of the things that are important in your life. There’s no point of putting things on there that won’t make you happy or belong on someone else’s list.

Your bucket list is the insight you need to help create the life of your dreams.


Looking at the list above, I can already pinpoint a few of the things that I can focus on this year. A few of these will require several years of consistent work, for example: training for a marathon or triathlon, paying off a mortgage or writing and publishing 30 books.

I know that if I want to achieve or experience the things on my bucket list I need to start working towards them every single day. They’re not just fairytale dreams that will never happen, they are things that I plan on taking action steps towards.

For example:

This year I aim to publish 3 books.
I’m currently training for a marathon – just ran a half-marathon last weekend.
I’ve got an Ironman 70.3 planned for November which will also include travelling interstate and exploring a town I haven’t been to.

The bucket list is simply becoming a guideline to the way I want to live my life. With it I am free to set goals that will coincide with my family life, job, friendships and sleep, but will also allow me to create the type of life I really want.


1. Keeps you from living groundhog days
2. Reminds you of all your wildest dreams and desires
3. Provides you with something to work towards
4. Gives you ideas on what’s important to you
5. Helps you keep life interesting

Do you have a bucket list? Does it evolve each year? what are you doing today that will lead you towards the life of your dreams?

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