How Much Are You Spending This Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Millions of men and women around the world will be spending big on their loved ones.

According to a US survey by the National Retail Federation, loved up Americans are going to spend over $18.2b for Valentine’s Day. That includes purchasing approximately 198,000,000 roses.

In Australia, the figure is around $250 million. Considering that we have 1/10 of the population that the US has that’s an obscene amount of money.

Average US price per gift based on about 60-70% getting involved: $145
Average Aussie price gift based on about 60-70% getting involved: $315


spending on valentine's day

Then again, when you consider flowers, a card, dinner and a gift, the costs do add up.

So have we lost the plot when it comes to Valentine’s Day?


It’s less about love and more about commercialism.

The retail and hospitality industries want us to spend up big. That’s how they make their business. And while there’s nothing wrong with spending cash on the people you love, I know I love it, we need to ask ourselves are we doing it for the right reasons.

It shouldn’t be about the size or the price, but about the gesture.

I love it when my husband brings me flowers but it means more when it’s done throughout the year when I least expect. I’m pretty sure he likes it when he gets a random surprise as well.

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a good reason to celebrate, especially when you’re constantly busy with life, responsibilities, kids and the like. The day gives you a reason to take time out and focus on your relationship. That is a good thing…even if it means it’s going to cost you money.

Yes, I know. I’m contradicting myself here.

Valentine’s Day is both a waste of money and an opportunity to show your loved ones more love than usual. It’s corny and silly but sometimes we do need that reminder. Especially when we’re constantly running around taking care of work, family, the bills and other responsibilities. Showing our love stops becoming a priority.

If you want to spend less money this Valentine’s Day here’s what to do:

Have a picnic at the beach on in a park or a mountaintop.

Relive your first date.

Cook a three-course meal at home.

Give your partner a one-hour full body massage.

Write your spouse a poem.

Pick flowers from the garden instead of the florist.

Get creative by setting a small budget but buying something meaningful.

Paint each other…naked.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day of the year that can send you broke. There are still the other 364 days to consider.

Relationships cost money. What doesn’t these days? And they can really put a damper on your saving habits.

Women and men alike have expectations.

I spoke to a woman once where her husband had vowed to buy her fresh flowers every two weeks. This apparently was to continue throughout their marriage. The house will always look and smell lovely but those flowers no longer mean anything special on birthdays or Valentines’ Day, do they?

Another girl I know expects date night every week. Unfortunately, she doesn’t expect to pay for it. Just doesn’t seem fair, does it?

See where this is going.

Tradition is good. The man picks up the tab. It worked back in the day because women didn’t work. It was the man’s job to be the provider.

This is no longer the case and woman should not expect the guy to always fork out the cash. It’s silly and it’s not fair. Date one, sure. Be a gentleman. But then go dutch or swap who pays each time.

Valentine's Day

Your relationship should not be the reason you’re going broke.

Neither should a partner be a financial plan.

We all need to take responsibility for our finances regardless of what’s in between our legs. Capiche?

It’s sad but true that there are women out there who only consider men on the basis of their wallets. They better be fat and thick with cash. Some are gold diggers, others don’t know any better.

Men do it too. Not to the same extent but it’s no longer rare to see young sexy men strung on the arms of much older women. Well looked after women but strapped to their arms, and their wallets nevertheless.

As long as all parties involved know the rules and are happy then so be it. Who are we to judge?

Ultimately, it’s up to you how much you spend on Valentine’s Day or your significant other or a one night stand. Just remember one rule: don’t let your relationship, no matter how fleeting, send you broke.

But what about if you’re on the other side of the spectrum? Lots of money and running out of ideas on how to spend it.

Valentine’s Day Ideas When Money Is No Limit

* Organise a helicopter flight and limo pick up to take you to your loved one’s favourite restaurant
* Book out a restaurant all to yourself, make sure there are rose petals scattered on the floor and table and lots of candlelight
* Buy the loveliest, shiniest and brightest diamond you can find
* Hire an Aston Martin or Ferrari and take your spouse on a romantic drive in the countryside
* Book a private chef to cook in your own house, why not add a cello player to the mix
* Spend a day together getting pampered at a day spa
* Have ten dozen roses delivered to your partners’ work
* Check in to a five-star resort for the week with ocean views and a private plunge pool
* Fly business class to your favourite city and enjoy a day of fine dining

When you decide how to treat your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, partner or significant other, your gift doesn’t have to be exorbitant nor does it have to be cheap.

The gift that you give is to come from the heart. You know your partner best, you know what they will appreciate and love.

It’s not the price tag that matters, it’s the thought and effort that matters most.

How much are you spending this Valentine’s Day?

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