The Naughty Investor’s Progress Report & Net Worth Update #1

I started The Naughty Investor at the beginning of 2017 in hopes of creating a place to voice my opinion, share my experiences, and track my journey to financial freedom and finding balance between health, wealth and happiness.

In my personal life, the past three months have been hectic, frustrating, and extremely stressful, that I haven’t given my all. I’m at a stage where I’m not 100% happy with my current job but I can’t do anything as I’m in the process of building a house and don’t want to take on any extra risk.

The numbers are nothing to call home about. But they’re a start.


The Naughty Investor went live.
I’ve been writing about personal finance for a while and have had a blog previously but something wasn’t right. So I thought The Naughty Investor fit well. I’m not your conventional personal finance blogger. I’m not frugal far from it. But I love talking about finance, saving and investing – and spending of course.

The stats

Posts Published – 4

  1. The Best Thing I Did For My Finances In 2016
  2.  Goals For The Year Ahead: What Are You Going To Achieve In 2017
  3. 12 Ways To Start Feeling Fabulous Today
  4. Multiple Income Streams Part 1 – Why Relying On Just Your Job Is A BAD Idea

3 Twitter referrals
2 Comments (one is a reply from me)

I’ve commented on one other blog so far.

Twitter Followers
This is after being on Twitter for about a week.
I’ve been sharing lots of content from other bloggers.
I’ve done zero other marketing.

Income – 0
Costs – 0

Time Spent on the blog – about 3 hours


Twitter: Probably the easiest way to grow followers but not necessarily the most active followers. I’m still not going to discount it as I know that if I see an intriguing headline I click and read the article. Key word here: intriguing. Need to make my tags (need to use tags) and headlines attention-grabbing!

Pinterest: I’ve had hardly any activity on this thing. It comes down to not knowing how to use Pinterest to my advantage. I’ve taken the course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and there’s a Pinterest module there so I’m going to put that information to practice. Here are some other useful links I’ve found that might help with your pinning.

Posts Published – 7

  1. What Is Your Definition Of Wealth
  2. Are You Saving For Your Child’s Future
  3. 8 Baby Steps I’m Making To Build My Wealth
  4. 23 Free (Or Nearly Free) Things To Do With Your Kids This Weekend
  5. Multiple Income Streams Part 2 – Side Hustle Your Way To Financial Freedom
  6. I’m Not Frugal But I Love Saving Money
  7. What We’re All Doing Is Just Trying To Buy More Time


Consistency. That’s been an enormous setback for me.

I haven’t been consistent and so I have seen the results I desire.

Posts Published – 4

  1. 41 Mini Hacks To Improve Your Health And Fitness
  2. 48 Ways To Make More Money Starting Today
  3. Multiple Income Streams Part 3 – Investing In Dividend Stocks
  4. Why Balance Is A Load Of Bullshit


Posts: 18
Comments: 15
Total Views: 660
Average Daily Views: 7.33
Most Viewed Post: Multiple Income Streams Part 1 – Why Relying On Just Your Job Is A Bad Idea

I’ve set up some affiliates for Bluehost, 30 Days Or Less To Freelance Writing Success, 30 Days Or Less To Virtual Assistance Success, Angie Makes Themes, Scrivener,  Amazon Affiliates, and Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

Money Invested in The Naughty Investor: $0
Money Earned from The Naughty Investor: $0

Side Hustle Income: $88.50


Total Net Worth As At April 1, 2017 = $97,755

We are in the process of building a house so both the assets value and liabilities will rise as we haven’t drawn the full amount of our construction loan. It’s a scary number but more on that later. The short term liabilities are a credit card which we have used during the construction stage and will be paid off as soon as we get the next instalment from the bank.


1 – Be consistent

In order to achieve any goal in life, consistency is key. So, for the next quarter I am aiming to post at least twice per week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays.

2 – Earn my first $1 from Affiliate income

I need to finish Michelle’s course – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I signed up last year but have only gotten through half of it. There’s always something else I’m doing. So I need to get on top of my game.

3 – Earn $1,000 from side hustles in the next three months

That can include selling books, writing articles, selling unwanted items, freelancing, getting a second job, etc. Check out 48 Ways To Make More Money Starting Today. And my most popular – Multiple Income Streams Part 1 – Why Relying On Your Day Job Is A BAD Idea.

4 – Increase my average page views to 200 per day

Taking baby steps.

5 – Start using Pinterest

I’m really clueless about tribes and group boards and all that jazz at the moment.

6 – Set up a Facebook page

Do I need one of these? What are your thoughts? I’ve already got my personal Facebook account and an author account. Do I really want to deal with a third one?

7 – Create a freebie product for The Naughty Investor

Freebies are great. Who doesn’t love a giveaway?

8 – Start publishing guest posts on The Naughty Investor

Check out I’ve written some guidelines if you’re interested in writing for us!

9 – Join the Yakuzie challenge

Are you a part of the challenge?

10 – Keep regular with my triathlon and marathon training

I’ve signed up for a half marathon in April, an 8km fun run in May, and the big one, a marathon on the first weekend of July.

How did you perform in the first quarter of 2017? Did you meet all your goals? What do you hope to achieve over the next three months?

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