10 Reasons Running A Marathon Will Change Your Life

If you’ve ever thought about running a marathon, you might want to give it a second thought.

Running a marathon isn’t just showing up at the start line on the morning, running 42.2km, crossing the finishing line and it’s done and dusted.

No, marathons are much more than that. They’re life changing.

10 Ways Running a Marathon Will Change Your Life

1. You’re going to wake up early, like ALL the time

As a busy working mum, the only time I get to train properly is in the morning. So on weekends instead of sleeping in, I’m up at 5am before my son gets up to fit in training for the day. I’m a morning person so this works great for me and sets me for an awesome day…usually.

2. You’re going to annoy people with your marathon talk

People don’t care that you’re running a marathon, or that you’ve run 50km in training last week, or that your toenail fell off in the last race, or your nipples started bleeding. Non-runners don’t give a damn. So if you want to share the icky details of being a runner, I suggest you make some new running buddies.

3. Your social circle might grow

Old friends become distant memories. No, of course not. But you do make room for new ones. The running type. Friends that understand that you can’t go out for a beer because you have a race in the morning. Friends that don’t get offended when you don’t stuff your face with cake and wine at their birthday because you’re in training and don’t want to jeopardise your training efforts.

4. You’re going to fall in love

I don’t know anyone who started running and didn’t fall in love. With the run that is. Running gives you a sense of freedom. One foot against the other. You don’t need a destination. Just run, and enjoy the moment. All you need is a pair of runners but even that isn’t always necessary. There are runners who do all their runs barefoot. The pros and cons is up to you to weigh up.

5. You’re going to want to improve your time

Running a marathon just once isn’t enough. I thought I’d tick mine off the bucket list and be done with it. Nope. The following year I did my second. This year I’ll be doing my third and aiming to run a PB of sub 3:59:59. I really, really want to break the four-hour mark.

6. Your eating habits are going to change

After a run, the last thing you want to reach for a is a chocolate bar. Sure you can have one later but you’re going to crave more nutritious foods like lean protein, fruit and vegetables. The upside is that when you’re marathon training having some chocolate or ice cream or cake or whatever is your vice will be ok, you’ve worked hard you can enjoy it. But chances are you’re going to want it less.

7. You’ll need more room for shoes

As a runner you’re going to start buying more shoes. Your race shoes, trail running shoes, road running shoes and a spare pair because you just love the colours.

8. And running gear

You can’t go past that cute running top or sports bra. The new design running pants are a must. You start living in active wear because you’re constantly training. If you’re not running a twelve-miler in the morning, you’re in the weights room in the afternoon, or yoga studio in the evening to strengthen all those irregularities.

9. Your body will change

Running changes the body, especially when you’re training for a marathon and eating right. Your legs are going to feel stronger, your heart will beat more efficiently. You’ll sleep better but also have more energy throughout the day. There’ll be less excuses of I’m too tired to play with the kids or take the dog for a walk.

10. You’re going to set new goals

Running takes over your life in a sense. Once you start running and finish the marathon which believe me is no easy feat. After about the 32km mark you’re running with your mind as much as your body. You have to push yourself. Achieve that and you realise that you’re capable of achieving pretty much anything you set your mind to. You’re life will change because you’re going to set yourself new goals and you’re going to work hard to achieve them. So less time to drink beer in front of the tv and more time to create the life of your dreams.

So, if you’d rather stay in your comfort zone, enjoy your evenings with reality television and an ice cream bowl, lazy sleep ins and zero commitments, then please do yourself a favour and don’t sign up for a marathon.

On the other hand, if you want to change your life, and achieve incredible feats, find one now, start training and realise that you can do anything you set your mind to.

I’d love to hear your marathon stories? Have you run a marathon? Did you enjoy the training? Did you want to do one again?

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