The Declutter Project: Getting Rid of Shit to Make Room for Gold

The Declutter Project is in the house. It’s time to get rid of the shit to make room for the gold. The only way to do that is part ways with all the things that are holding me down.

The desk to my right is cluttered with paper. From half-filled notebooks to my almost-four-year-olds kindergarten drawings, to a pile of unread library books and random items. To the right lays washing that needs to be ironed, under the bed, there are multiple cardboard boxes with various items that I haven’t seen or touched for the better part of twelve months that make me wonder, do I really need them?

I don’t know about you but when there’s a bunch of shite all around the place my brain turns to goo. The harder I try to concentrate, the less I get done. A messy environment is not conducive to creativity, productivity or performance.

the declutter project

We’ve been compacted to a room for over twelve months. We’re building a house and living with my parents and saying the conditions are tight is an understatement.

It’s also made me realise we have a lot of crap we probably don’t need. Like a serious lot.

From clothes that will never be worn to CDs that will never get listened to and books that will continue gathering dust. There are birthday and Christmas cards from the 1990s, pens dry of ink, and random items from paperclips and old medicines, to a mini golf score sheet and dozens of pages of paper.

It is ridiculous.

And that’s just my husband and I. There’s also our son. His room is scattered with toys, Lego, books and crayons, He has a nappy change table that could have been disposed of two years before and clothes that wouldn’t go past his knees and doubtful that he’ll pass them on to a future sibling.

There’s just a lot of stuff we don’t really need and all it’s doing is creating an unpleasant, messy and disorientating environment that’s driving me bonkers.

If all goes well, by the end of March we’re going to be slowly moving into our new freshly built house.

The last thing I want to take with me is clutter.

Hell no, I told my husband.

We are purging as much as we can before making the move.

Even though we have a ton of storage in the future house, I do not want to fill it up with our current junk or stuff that will never see the light of day.

There are three things that we can do with our stuff.

  1. Sell it
  2. Donate it
  3. Throw it out

I’m pretty certain that three-quarters of the stuff will be either donated or thrown out. I mean do people still buy CDs and DVDs?

Then again, looking on ebay, people buy a lot of crazy stuff.

the declutter project

7 Day Declutter Challenge

Starting today, I’m doing seven for seven. What does that mean? It means every day for the next seven days I am going to purge at least seven items per day for a total of 49 items by the end of the week.

The main areas I am targeting are:

The Wardrobe.

Have you been through your wardrobe recently? I unload everything onto the bed once a month. Sometimes I get rid of one or two items, at other times I feel bad for parting with things. The truth is that I only wear about 20% of the items in my wardrobe on a regular base. Another 30% maybe once or twice a month. There’s maybe 10% of items that are worn maybe on special occasion. So that leaves about 40% of items that probably don’t need to take up room in my life.

The Desk.

Currently, my desk is piled high with everything from books to papers to rubbish and much more. It’s a rubbish pit and that’s putting it lightly. True, I have trouble keeping things tidy. I’d like to be one of those neat freaks but it just doesn’t come naturally to me although I love cleanliness. Unfortunately, having too much stuff around makes it difficult for a small area to look clean. I’m purging. As much as possible. And I don’t mean just putting the items elsewhere, I mean it has to go.

The Drawers.

I don’t even know what items are in the three Ikea drawers that are blocked by our king-sized bed. Most of the things haven’t been touched in two or more years. Do I need them? Nope. If someone took everything out from them and chucked them in the bin I probably wouldn’t know what was in them and wouldn’t miss them for a second. That’s a clear sign there’s way too much shit cluttering my life.

The Bookshelf.

The bookshelf acts also as a magazine shelf, education folders, gym box gear, and random paperwork that needs to be filed and kept in a more secure spot. It’s so disorganised just looking at it gives me heart palpitations. I know that by purging the majority of the items I will feel better mentally and probably physically. There are also old uni textbooks that haven’t been used in a decade and probably never will. Folders from property spruiking seminars that just need to find a new home in a trash can.

The Laptop.

If you took a glance at my desktop you would wonder how in the world I manage to find anything at all. There’s no need for a desktop picture because you can’t see it with all the files taking over. It’s disgusting, confusing and definitely does not encourage productivity. I honestly don’t know why I save everything to the desktop. But I know one thing, this annoying habit has to go. So I need to declutter the laptop too, starting with the desktop.

The Kid’s Room.

My son’s room has three times more stuff in it than it should. There are boxes of toys, cars, Lego and much more all over the place. His drawers are filled with clothes that will never be worn again because he is growing so fast. The top drawer is the only one that gets used. The other two are filled with smaller sized clothing that is too nice to be thrown out. They may have been worn once or twice and I feel guilty for parting with them although I know that someone might get better wear out of them. There’s even more in the wardrobe, hidden away in boxes. My mum and friends keep telling me that I can save it for baby number two, but whether or not there will be a number two is another conversation.

You Don’t Need All That Stuff In Your Life

Minimalism might be a trend at the moment but it’s nothing to scoff at. Society these days is obsessed with consumerism. All we do is purchase and consume whether it’s new technology, the latest fashion items, food from the supermarket, gossip magazines, shades of red nail polish or Christmas decorations.

We don’t need all that stuff. We don’t even need half the stuff we own.

We want it. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It only becomes a problem when it gets in the way of your happiness, your productivity, and your mental health.

Try to go with a little bit less and you’ll make room in your life for a lot more minus the stress.

Join me in the declutter challenge. Aim to get rid of just one item you don’t need a day and make room for all the wonderful in your life.

How do you declutter your home, workspace, laptop? 


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